Security Analysis and Implementation

New security holes pop up every day, whether it's a database worm that could have been blocked at the door, or a shiny new laptop with lots of 'features' that might comprimise you and your network.

Network Setup and Administration

We offer a diverse, high-level of experience with network design, implementation, and continued administration. Whether you have a small home network or a small-to-medium business with one or many servers that need looking after, we can help.

Hardware Needs Planning

New workstations and upgraded servers aren't always the right answer. Hardware cost can be kept down by making the most out of hardware you already have through simple upgrades or by converting an old workstation into a more server-oriented role.

Hardware and Software Upgrades

Whether it's a basic memory upgrade or a complete motherboard/cpu transplant, it can be done. Sometimes it's time for a full machine upgrade, but we'll always let you know every option available.

Hardware Needs Planning

Not sure whether to buy a Cray supercomputer or a laptop? We'll sit down and talk about your options so you can make an informed decision. We can help you pick out what's right for your needs, and if we can't find what we're looking for, we'll build you something custom from our in-house hardware department.

Disaster Recovery

Sometimes things go incredibly wrong. We will be there when you need us, whether you're an existing or new customer. The first step to a quick recovery in any major disaster is a recovery plan. We'll quickly formulate and then execute this plan. If you've never had a disaster of high magnitude, the only thing you can do is to wait for it to come, and be prepared when it does.

Off-Site Backup

Our off-site backup service is based on a dedicated machine featuring a redundant and live-backup disk array, battery backup, and automated nightly synchronization.

Email and Website Hosting

Our hosting environment includes dedicated email, web, database, and backup servers, all surge and battery-protected to prevent downtime. All machines are protected by dedicated hardware firewalls and locked doors. Email is filtered for spam and viruses, and available via the web for access from anywhere, anytime.